Super Bowl Sunday Funday Cocktails

Super Bowl Sunday Funday


Looking for fun cocktails to serve your guests or to share a Sunday Funday with your special someone for the Super Bowl today?  Try these two Denver and Seattle-inspired Super Bowl cocktails.


Mile High Margar

6 oz. Coors Light

6 oz. Pre-mixed Tequila based Margarita Mix

Lime Garnish

Salt Rim


Get the top of a large glass wet then circle in salt to create a salted rim. Pour 6 oz. of Coors Light and 6 oz. of tequila based pre-mixed margarita mix into a large glass. Add a lime garnish to edge of glass and enjoy!



Seattle Sunday

A twist on what Seattle is great at making – coffee.

2 oz. Frangelico

4 oz. Seattle’s Best Coffee

1-2 oz. Bailey’s Coffee Creamers (choose your favorite flavor)


Pour 2 oz. of Frangelico into coffee mug and add 4 oz. of Seattle’s Best Coffee. Choose your favorite flavor of Bailey’s Coffee Creamers (Original or Coffee Almond Cream recommended) and add 1-2oz. to mug. Sip & enjoy!


The little nugget known as Puxetony Phil saw his shadow today so we have six more weeks of winter coming our way. Hopefully the Mile High Margar and the Seattle Sunday cocktail can make you think of summer and/or stay warm, respectively.

Super Bowl Monday should most definitely be a National Holiday.


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